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A Tale of Two Inner Voices

Which inner voice do you listen to? How do you differentiate your inner guidance from your inner critic?  When we can differentiate the messages of the inner critic from our true knowing, we can disengage from our inner critic and listen to our inner guidance. It may seem obvious that we can tell the difference, however, our inner critic is very tricky and  can take on many forms. It is important to recognize how our inner critic shows up and takes us off course.

For some people, there is a feeling of shame or inadequacy; others feel it as heaviness or contraction in their bodies. When we can distinguish the difference between our inner wisdom and our inner critic, we can decide which one to follow.

Our intuition is a guiding force, directing us along our path of truth and wholeness. It is always positive, and never shaming. Often, when you tune into your intuition, you will feel an inner lightness or brightening. Listening to and trusting this inner guidance is one of the greatest steps you can take toward freedom and wholeness.

I am continuously struck by how many people are living in alignment with their inner critic and not with their intuition. So many of us don’t even know that the internal voice we’re listening to is our inner critic. We simply accept its messages as truth, and live our lives accordingly.

I help my clients distinguish their intuition from their inner critic and make the leap from fear to trust. Learn more about my tools for quieting the inner critic in my upcoming book: Everything is Going to be Okay: From the Projects to Harvard to Freedom. Register for VIP status today.

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