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The Enneagram, an ancient teaching which has become more popular in recent years, is a very rich system and a powerful tool for transformation. The term, Enneagram, is derived from the Greek words ennea, which means nine, and gram, which means something written or diagram. The nine personality types are arranged around a symbol, which shows the interactions among the types. Understanding our Enneagram personality type can help us to unlock a greater understanding of the depth of who we really are underneath our patterns of behavior. As one of my teachers, Don Riso, often said, “Our Enneagram type is not who we are, it is who we are not”. This speaks to the transformational potential of the Enneagram, which, if used correctly, can guide us deeper and deeper into an understanding of our true nature. By bringing greater awareness and presence to our personality structures, we can wake up to our truth. With compassion for ourselves and others, we can use the Enneagram to live a more authentic life.

Now that you’ve read some of the interesting aspects of the Enneagram, listen to what Catherine has to say about the Enneagram in her recent radio interview with the Inner View on WSLR.

IEA-Accreditation-Mark-2017-ProfessionalThere are numerous books written on the Enneagram. I list several of them on my Resources page.

I am certified in the Enneagram by the Enneagram Institute and I am an Accredited Professional of the International Enneagram Association. I offer consultations regarding the Enneagram to individuals and organizations providing guidance in understanding the Enneagram, including practical guidance in incorporating this understanding into all aspects of your life. Whether you’re new to the Enneagram or desire a deeper understanding, I will provide guidance in understanding the Enneagram as well as your Enneagram Type and that of those in your life.

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