Catherine Hayes


A strong and effective leader is one who understands themselves. Self-knowledge cannot be learned solely from a book or a course. It is a personal journey.

– Catherine Hayes


My story…

As founder of Catherine Hayes Coaching & Consulting, LLC, I blend my own unique leadership experience and academic background with leadership coaching for high performing individuals and organizational teams.

Drawing from my own extensive leadership experience as well as my training as a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Facilitator, I interpret the ancient teachings of the Enneagram to help leaders and their teams ignite their authentic highest potential. By uncovering the truth of who they are, I guide them to incorporate this deeper understanding into all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

In my book, Everything is Going to Be Okay! From the Projects to Harvard to Freedom, I  bring the ancient teachings of the Enneagram to life as I recount my journey from the projects of South Boston to the faculty rooms of Harvard and illustrate how to apply the Enneagram to fully understand our true selves.

How I can help you…

I have a keen ability to interpret and translate intricate personality type processes into simple and practical applications that empower individuals and their teams. I am a compassionate,  partner to leaders  guiding them to ignite personal and organizational transformation that optimizes team collaboration, cohesiveness, and productivity in the workplace.

I use the wisdom of the Enneagram coupled with the Leadership Circle ProfileTM and Leadership Culture SurveyTM to empower individuals to develop exceptional leadership skills. Private individual, team, and organizational services including coaching, training, and ongoing facilitation support to enlighten leaders and teams to optimize collaboration, cohesiveness, and productivity in the workplace.

My extensive background as a coach, speaker, facilitator, and trainer on the Enneagram and Enlightened Leadership also includes Board Development, Strategic Planning, and Meeting Facilitation.

Please contact me for a free 30 minute complimentary consultation to further discuss my services.


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