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The Enneagram – a Tool for Team Development

The Enneagram is far more than a “personality assessment” ( The modern Enneagram is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology. It is a very rich system and a powerful tool for transformation which goes far beyond its popularity as a personality typing tool. The Enneagram is not a tool for labeling or pigeon-holing… Continue Reading


As we come into the holiday season I find myself reflecting on the many things in my life for which I am grateful. Sometimes life gets so busy we lose site of the many blessings around us each day. You haven’t heard from me for a while, mainly because my focus has been on caring… Continue Reading

Team Dynamics and the Enneagram

Well-functioning teams are essential to productive workplaces. Team members showing up at their best and aligned with the mission and goals of the organization is the ideal scenario. We know the importance of aligning team members and we spend time in strategic planning meetings and retreats to develop mission statements, goals and action plans. While… Continue Reading

Getting out of the Box of your Personality

Expanding your Leadership Potential Dr. Catherine Hayes Many assessment tools help people find their strengths and leadership style. There is nothing wrong with that AND there is a path to freedom from our personality and habitual patterns using the Enneagram. We don’t need to stay in the box of our personality. Enneagram The Enneagram is… Continue Reading

The Enneagram and Leadership Development

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for leadership development. Whether you are an emerging leader, a new manager or someone who has been in a leadership position for some time, the Enneagram can help you to uncover unconscious behavior patterns which will bring greater self-awareness and less reactivity. The more we understand ourselves, the more… Continue Reading

Enhancing our Relationships through the Enneagram

I’m often asked how the Enneagram can be used to enhance our relationships. This is such an important aspect of working with the Enneagram. As we bring more awareness to our unconscious patterns and behaviors, we show up more authentically and are less reactive. Understanding our Enneagram type brings more peace, openness and compassion to… Continue Reading

Understanding your Personality

What is a personality? We all have one but do we understand what it is? Do you ever wonder why you repeat the same patterns again and again?   Why you react to certain situations in the same way?  Would you like to stop judging yourself and have more harmonious and respectful relationships? What If you… Continue Reading

Enneagram Type One as Leader

The Enneagram Type One is in the body center of the Enneagram where the predominant focus is autonomy. Autonomy for the Type One can sometimes look like a sense of being above it all. The Type One’s at their best have a keen ability to sense what isn’t right with a situation, a project etc…. Continue Reading

The Enneagram Type Two as Leader

Type Two’s are in the heart center of the Enneagram, where the predominant focus is on self-image. When Type Two’s behavior is mainly based on their egoic pattern of being helpful, they appear altruistic and can be counted on to help the team. They are usually quite good at making sure that everyone is taken… Continue Reading

Type Three as Leader

Type Threes are in the heart center of the Enneagram. At their best, Type Threes are authentic and inspiring mentors. They are natural born leaders. They are goal oriented and high achievers, however, this is often in response to an unconscious need to prove they are valuable. They tend to be workaholics and often suffer… Continue Reading

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