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Type Four as Leader

Type Four’s are in the heart-center of the Enneagram where the predominant theme is how I want to be seen. Type Fours often shy away from Leadership rules mainly due to a sense of feeling they don’t fit in. They often feel misunderstood. They feel that no one understood them in and that no one… Continue Reading

Type Five as Leaders

Type Fives are in the Head Center where the predominant theme is how to trust and the emotions are fear and anxiety. Type Fives, are often reluctant leaders as they prefer to be in the background and often hold back in team meetings. It may seem that they are detached, however, make no mistake about… Continue Reading

Type Six as Leader

Type Sixes are in the head center of the Enneagram where the emphasis is on understanding or knowing. At their best, they bring a sense of knowing to their work, however, they often struggle with trusting their inner wisdom resulting in difficulty deciding which direction to take. To counteract this pattern, they work through every… Continue Reading

Type Eight as Leader

Enneagram Type Eight is in the body or instinctive center where the predominant theme is autonomy. They are often referred to as the Challenger or Boss as they challenge those that threaten their need for control. Type Eights, as leaders, can struggle with a need for control and may become willful, vengeful and demanding if they feel threatened. They can… Continue Reading

Type Nine as Leaders

Type Nines, as leaders, keep the peace and shy away from confrontation. They rarely express anger. They are the Peacemakers. They struggle with balancing their need for peace and harmony and addressing what needs to be addressed, which can result in them ignoring reality. They will ignore the sinking ship. Their need to hold on to… Continue Reading

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