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Enneagram Type One as Leader

Enneagram Type 1

The Enneagram Type One is in the body center of the Enneagram where the predominant focus is autonomy.

Autonomy for the Type One can sometimes look like a sense of being above it all. The Type One’s at their best have a keen ability to sense what isn’t right with a situation, a project etc. This ability to see what needs to be tweaked is a wonderful gift and can also be a challenge.

Others can see this as the Type One being a perfectionist and when what’s really underlying this capacity is their inherent connection to a sense of goodness and appreciation of what is right.

At their very best One’s have a strong connection to truth and justice. Mahatma Gandhi a strong example of this.

Type One’s as leaders can have difficulty in delegating because they have difficulty in trusting that others will be able to do things as well as they can. Although that may be true, when they can trust that others have the ability to get things done and get them done well this relieves them of their need to do it all themselves which frees them to let their true gifts come through and benefit the team.

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