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Getting out of the Box of your Personality

Expanding your Leadership Potential
Dr. Catherine Hayes

stockasso / 123RF Stock PhotoMany assessment tools help people find their strengths and leadership style. There is nothing wrong with that AND there is a path to freedom from our personality and habitual patterns using the Enneagram.

We don’t need to stay in the box of our personality.


The Enneagram is not like other personality assessment “tools”. It is actually an ancient wisdom and the modern Enneagram, a combination of the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram and modern psychology, is a  path to transformation from living from our reactive personality to stepping into the truth of who we are.


Our personality is formed early in life in reaction to our environment and life situation. It is a contracted and reactive state of being and also a necessary step in human development.

As adults, and especially as leaders, it is important to understand what those contractions are about and with compassion for ourselves, release them so we can bring on the gifts of the truth of who are. As we understand ourselves, we naturally enhance our leadership effectiveness.

Enneagram and Leadership Potential

For example, people who have Type 6 as their predominant personality type, tend to be skeptical and have challenges delegating. They’re wonderful to have on the team because they are natural troubleshooters and develop a plan for every worst-case scenario. This comes from a lack of trust that things are working out which is an underlying theme for their personality.

As they understand their personality patterns more, and with compassion, they become present to this underlying lack of trust and actually move up the levels of health within their type 6 structure and embrace a sense of trust and support. Although they don’t often see themselves as leaders, they are natural leaders;  incredibly dutiful and reliable. As they continue to trust the support around them, their leadership potential expands.

For the Type 9 personality, there is an underlying fear of losing connection with others and the personality is built around maintaining the connection and the peace in relationships. This leads to a passive  leadership style which is why they shy away from having the difficult discussions that are often necessary to manage workplace and life challenges.

As the Type 9 individual becomes aware of what’s underlying this fear of confrontation, they can step into their strength and have authentic and honest conversations, which combined with their peaceful nature makes them authentic and gentle leaders.

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