Leadership Coaching

As a Leadership Coach, I help leaders enhance their leadership and communication skills and become effective and inspiring leaders.

I’m a dual-Certified Professional Leadership Coach, Enneagram facilitator and speaker. I work in partnership with leaders to explore their personality types that drive patterns of behavior so they can overcome blocks, develop skills, and be empowered to lead with more confidence and ease.

I spent twenty years in academics and held numerous leadership positions in academic institutions and national and international organizations. I have managed large teams and budgets as well as numerous research and public health projects. In addition to my experience as a leader over many years, I have extensive training in Leadership including the prestigious Coach Training Institute Leadership program.

Drawing on my extensive leadership training and experience as well as my expertise in coaching and the Enneagram, I empower leaders to be effective and inspiring.

Whether you’re looking to develop yourself into a more effective leader in your organization, family, relationship or personal life, I can help you develop your inherent leadership potential.

I work with teams to bring cohesiveness, respect, compassion and productivity to the workplace.

I offer a variety of services for individuals and organizations:

Please contact me for a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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