“In Everything Is Going to Be Okay!, Dr. Catherine Hayes helps us see how the challenges and the inevitable hurts in a human life can become the grist for genuine transformation, and that no matter what our difficulties may be, they are workable. They can be transformed.”

Foreword by Russ Hudson, Founder & President of The Enneagram Institute


Praise for

Everything Is Going to Be Okay!

“The beautiful blend of Catherine’s story, wisdom, and teachingsmake this book a delight! I found myself literally experiencing the essence of what she was writing about … and is that not what a great book should do? Thank you, Catherine, for reawakening us all to the beauty and purpose of life!” – Rick Tamlyninternational Hay House author of Play Your Bigger Game 

“Everything Is Going to Be Okay!  traces a story of personal growth in Basic Trust― from the naïve simplicity of a child to the deep and spiritual faith that, as Julian of Norwich counseled, all will be well. Building from difficult situations in her own life, Catherine Hayes transforms those events into helpful insights and guidance that the reader can use in developing the ‘True Self,’ and, in this process, covers three tools that she has found beneficial: A.H. Almaas’ Diamond Approach, the Hoffman Process, and, of course, the Enneagram.” – Brian L. TaylorVice President, The Enneagram Institute 

“You’ll believe in the power of possibility! Dr. Catherine Hayes’s book, Everything Is Going to Be Okay!, will remind you that, despite your past or current circumstances, you have the power to transform your life. With great depth and vulnerability, Catherine leads readers on a journey of self-discovery and supports them with coaching strategies, as well as the teachings of the Enneagram, to illuminate the possibilities in their own lives. A must read!” – Christy WhitmanNew York Times best-selling author of The Art of Having It All 

“Catherine Hayes’s story, Everything Is Going to Be Okay!, is inspirational. She has achieved nationally-acclaimed success against the odds. Her path to leadership training is authentic.” – Chester W. Douglass, PhD, DMD, Professor

“The inspiring story and unique wisdom Catherine shares in this book will lead you to strengthen your inner guidance system and develop a solid belief that everything will always work itself through. A definite read for anyone looking to build more inner strength and optimism.” – Kristi Lingbest-selling author of Operation Happiness 

“In Everything Is Going to Be Okay!, Catherine Hayes goes deep and wide to uncover her fascinating life and inspiring life story and the lessons she has learned through her paths of worldly success and spiritual growth. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the Enneagram, transformation, and spirituality. A+++!” – Shannon Kelly, LICSW, PCC, CPCC 

Everything Is Going to Be Okay! is a compassionate, grounding look into our most vulnerable experiences as human beings. Catherine Hayes’s story is relatable—and often riveting—and unlocks insights into why we suffer, while showing us tools to find our way out. Her personal story is deeply spiritual, and any reader looking to understand themselves or overcome long-standing struggles will find warm comfort in hearing it. I highly recommend this as a cathartic read and an expert introduction to the Enneagram as well! – Julie Boyer, CPCC

“With a compassionate yet strong voice, Catherine Hayes brings us along on a life journey that surely would have broken the spirit of others. Her openness to growth― especially through her exploration of the Enneagram―serves as a map for anyone dedicated to learning how to live and love.” – Dr. Kerry Maguire, The Forsyth Institute 

“Catherine’s sharing of her own personal journey beautifully brings to life the true purpose of the Enneagram as a tool for transformation. Everything Is Going to Be Okay! is a rich and engaging guide for inner work and transformation, an invitation for inner exploration with powerful questions for reflection.” – Lynda Roberts, IEA Accredited Professional, Former IEA President, Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher 

“Catherine Hayes’s heartfelt memoir is an inspiring demonstration of the power of faith and hard work to move us beyond circumstance to potentiality, and from entrapment to inner freedom. Catherine lets the reader partake of her journey of awakening in a way that touches the heart and informs the mind. A wonderful book!” – Leah Chyten, author, Diamond Approach teacher 

“I highly recommend this book! Through her own powerful, inspirational story, Dr. Catherine Hayes shows us that ‘there is opportunity for growth in every circumstance and every challenge.’ She takes us on a real journey of healing using the Enneagram and other spiritual practices to discover who we really are. Through sharing her own experience, Dr. Hayes reinforces our need to trust ourselves and our own inner guidance. This book is a must-read for anyone on their inward journey to self- discovery and personal transformation.” Dr. Debra L. RebleIntuitive Psychologist and international best-selling author 

“Catherine weaves a story around self-discovery to find the person you were again. Her ability to combine personal stories and theory make the journey come alive. The phrase ‘I felt like a square peg that had been shoved into a circle’ immediately jumped out at me and screamed, ‘This is what I am!’ Incredibly personal, and relevant to anyone wanting something different for themselves in their life.” – Michael Wallace, speaker, coach, consultant, and author on leadership 

“Catherine has shone a light on a common occurrence for so many of us; losing our essence and direction in the busyness of life. The gift she presents is that there is another way, and there are other choices that can be made. This book is an inspiration to wake up and reclaim your life.” – Stephani Roy McCallumChief Storm Rider, Courageous Leadership Project 

“Dr. Catherine Hayes motivates you to dive deep. Her incredible journey from spending decades as a successful, incessantly-busy ‘doer’ to taking a step away to truly look within, find peace, and discover her authentic joy and passions is beautifully inspiring. Catherine demonstrates the importance of finding meaning in each moment, especially our most challenging ones, as they can propel us to greater purpose and strength. She shows us how to listen deeply to our authentic inner voice instead of living by the limits of our inner critic. Catherine offers readers tools through the Enneagram and coaching strategies to better understand ourselves and what drives us, and to use this knowledge to grow and create the lives we wish to live.” – Dr. Colleen Georges, Positive Psychologist, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author 

“Catherine Hayes illuminates the teachings of the Enneagram with captivating raw emotion and vivid accounts from her childhood into the present. Along the way, she turns our attention to the beautiful spiritual gifts revealed in the lessons. As her pathway unfolds, she gently guides us to explore our own lives within the framework of the Enneagram. Everything Is Going to Be Okay! is an intriguing, profound journey to the center of ourselves.” – Deb Coman, Content Conversion Strategist, copywriter, and speaker 

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