Catherine Hayes


Isaiah Grant, CEO, The Peaar LLC

Catherine is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Enneagram. Catherine met with our
team and took the time to tailor her presentation to everyone in the room. I learned about myself on an
individual basis and how I can best work with my team. Catherine helped me learn about who I am,
based on my personality traits, and how I can best work with my team to impact others. I have been able
to leverage these skills on a daily basis while working with my team. It was truly an eye-opening

Isaiah Grant, CEO, The Peaar LLC February 15, 2015

Lisa DiMatteo

Having no previous exposure to The Enneagram, I took two separate day long courses that Catherine co-led.  I so enjoyed Catherine's warm, knowledgeable presence in the front of the room.  As a foodie is picky about where they dine and what they eat, I'm a workshop enthusiast AND leader who can be discerning about the rooms I spend my time in.  Catherine's delivery really checks the boxes of; well read and humble, warm and curious, aw well as well planned and flexible with the use of a well developed intuition.  I have learned so much in her presence and had a great time doing it!

Lisa DiMatteo Medford, MA May 7, 2015


Catherine is an expert in the Enneagram, an ancient tool for awakening and transformation. What sets Catherine apart in this arena is her deep intuition coupled with her compassion that she has for every person she works with.  She is a great listener and taps into something deeper to help you unleash what your calling is aligned to who you are as a person.  Catherine's sincerity, confidence and championing radiate and it has helped me on my journey into a bigger me.

Shazia - Virginia May 7, 2015

Mary Barrett

Catherine has helped me see things from different perspectives which is so valuable. She is very intuitive. Her knowledge of the Enneagram has been an important part of my understanding and appreciating aspects of myself that had created difficulty and pain in my life. She listens deeply and cares a great deal for her clients' well being and for what they want and need to achieve to live more fully. 

Mary Barrett Falmouth, MA May 7, 2015


I loved being in your Wisdom of the Enneagram class. I admire your extraordinary knowledge base and your joyful and supportive style of teaching. I enjoyed the anecdotes, connections, stories, and resources you integrated into the curriculum to enhance the understanding of the content. Thank you for facilitating my path of growth so effectively and whole-heartedly.

JF Massachusetts May 9, 2015

Russ Hudson, President of The Enneagram Institute

Catherine's passion for helping others is deep and obvious, but it is made powerful by her real life wisdom and profound capacities as a teacher. Her unique and extensive background, training, and experience with leadership, coaching, and the Enneagram, make her ideally suited to work with individuals and organizations to guide them toward greater wholeness and authenticity. Catherine is a rare combination of a deep and sensitive heart, a sharp and knowledgeable mind, and a lifetime of practical skills and capacities honed in “real world” situations. Having done genuine transformational work herself, she truly knows how to support others in realizing their fullest potential.

Russ Hudson, President of The Enneagram Institute October 10, 2015

Mark Anderegg, President and CEO, Little Sprouts, LLC

Our senior management team spent a week with Catherine to understand how the Enneagram could inform the way we work together.  While it certainly achieved that end, it was much more powerful than simply that.  Our team concluded the week more introspective, self-aware and personally connected to one another.  It was nothing short of transformative.

Mark Anderegg, President and CEO, Little Sprouts, LLC April 20, 2016

Daniella Lomo, CFO, The Peaar LLC

I couldn't tell you how many personality test I've taken over the years, let alone name someone who took the time to explain the results. But that has all changed since working with Catherine. She is kindhearted and very knowledgeable. She took her time with breaking down the Enneagram for me and my team. She helped us understand our true personality types/traits while understanding how that impacted the way we operate on a day to day basis. We left knowing what was needed for us to reach an optimal working relationship, all also learning a lot about ourselves as individuals. Needless to say, I can talk all day about how amazing Catherine's session was but I think you will best understand by working with her."

Daniella Lomo, CFO, The Peaar LLC May 15, 2018

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