Catherine Hayes

The Art of Self-Management

Leaders must learn to master the art of self-management. Practicing being non-reactive to people and situations that push our buttons is essential to effective and inspiring leadership.

When our energy is not spent in reactivity, we can harness it for creative pursuits, providing an excellent example to those we are leading.

Being reactive gets in the way of effective leadership and is something that many leaders struggle to overcome.

Self-management is truly an “inside” job. We need to look inside ourselves and get to know ourselves on a deep level without judging ourselves. Understanding our underlying and often unconscious behavior patterns is essential to self-management.

Understanding our personality patterns is an important tool to maximize our potential as leaders. When we understand our inherent strengths and what our “buttons” are, we unleash our leadership potential. This is when we inspire others and truly lead by example.

 The Enneagram, an ancient teaching which has become more popular in recent years, is a very

rich system and a powerful tool for self-exploration and transformation. By bringing greater awareness and presence to our personality structures, we can wake up to our truth. With compassion for ourselves and others, we can use the Enneagram to understand ourselves and become inspiring and effective leaders.

Learn more about the Enneagram and your individual Enneagram type and Leadership style in my Enneagram guide for leaders:

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