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The Enneagram and Leadership Development

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for leadership development. Whether you are an emerging leader, a new manager or someone who has been in a leadership position for some time, the Enneagram can help you to uncover unconscious behavior patterns which will bring greater self-awareness and less reactivity.

The more we understand ourselves, the more we can see what is underneath our reactions and become more inspiring and effective leaders.

Whether you’re looking to develop yourself into a more effective leader in your organization, family, relationship or personal life, I can help you develop your inherent leadership potential.


A strong and effective leader is one who understands themselves. Self-knowledge cannot be learned from a book or a course. It is a personal journey. I partner with leaders on their journey of self-discovery. One of the most powerful tools for this process is the Enneagram.

Understanding our Enneagram Type

Understanding your Enneagram personality type can help unlock your potential as leaders and also see what holds us back from being effective and impactful leaders.

Do you find yourself being a taskmaster?

Do you have difficulty delegating?

Do you play the devil’s advocate on your team and in your life?

Do have a hard time giving up control?

Do you receive feedback that you’re overlooking problems that others see?

Understanding your inherent strengths while also understanding your blind spots and reactivity, is a powerful and necessary combination to enliven and empower the leader within you.

When approached with integrity and curiosity, the Enneagram brings a level of self-knowledge and a compassionate understanding for ourselves and others that is unparalleled.


Download my complimentary Enneagram and Leadership Guide to learn more about enhancing your leadership effectiveness.


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