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The Enneagram Type Two as Leader

Enneagram Type 2

Type Two’s are in the heart center of the Enneagram, where the predominant focus is on self-image.

When Type Two’s behavior is mainly based on their egoic pattern of being helpful, they appear altruistic and can be counted on to help the team. They are usually quite good at making sure that everyone is taken care of. People appreciate their kindness and put their trust in them.

When the altruism is coming from the personality, there is an underlying need for approval resulting in behavior which can lead them to exhaust themselves by always giving and giving which ultimately leads them to feel resentment. They often lose touch with their own needs because they put everyone else’s needs ahead of theirs.

Self-care is essential for the growth of Two. When they can interweave their attention to their own needs with a balance of taking care of others and the team, they experience a sense of freedom and wholeness allowing them to lead from an authentic heart-centered place and not from a self-sacrificing place. This is when their true gifts of leadership flourish.

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