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Type Eight as Leader

Enneagram Type 8

Enneagram Type Eight is in the body or instinctive center where the predominant theme is autonomy. They are often referred to as the Challenger or Boss as they challenge those that threaten their need for control.

Type Eights, as leaders, can struggle with a need for control and may become willful, vengeful and demanding if they feel threatened. They can engage in bullying when their sense of control is threatened.

At their best, Type Eights are strong leaders with a magnanimous heart as they bring on the higher aspects of Type 2, their point of integration. They protect and provide for the underdog.

Freedom from their personality patterns comes from letting go of the need to be in control and becoming more open-hearted and vulnerable allowing the gift of true strength to emerge. People feel safe and want to follow them, when they are at their best, as they are truly magnanimous leaders allowing their natural gift of strength to combine with their open-heartedness. This combination of strength and compassion allows them to flourish as leaders.

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