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Type Five as Leaders

Type Fives are in the Head Center where the predominant theme is how to trust and the emotions are fear and anxiety. Type Fives, are often reluctant leaders as they prefer to be in the background and often hold back in team meetings. It may seem that they are detached, however, make no mistake about it, they are observing every detail of what is happening in meetings and the organization. They are usually in their head trying to figure something out or understand something deeply. Their capacity of understanding is immense and one of their greatest gifts.

They can be cynical about human connections and rationalize that they do not need human connections and prefer to stay occupied their thoughts. They often feel inadequate in making human connections and connecting to their heart. They become experts in an area and find their connection to the group through their expertise. Freedom from their personality patterns comes when they feel confident in connecting to the world and their heart.

At their best, Type Fives are extremely bright and compassionate and possess the gift of clarity.

This is their saving grace. Listen to them. They are gifted and brilliant. The clarity that they bring to the team is unsurpassed.

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