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Type Four as Leader

Enneagram Type 4

Type Four’s are in the heart-center of the Enneagram where the predominant theme is how I want to be seen. Type Fours often shy away from Leadership rules mainly due to a sense of feeling they don’t fit in. They often feel misunderstood. They feel that no one understood them in and that no one on the team understands them. They often stand out by developing their own sense of unique style or way of being with the team. This is their way of creating their identity.

When they can let go of their story and their belief that they do not fit in, they can step forward and be wonderful intuitive and creative leaders.

Creativity shows up in many ways. We often think of creativity as showing up in the arts such painting, music and writing. Undoubtedly many of our wonderful writers and artists are Type Fours creatively expressing their appreciation for beauty.

Creativity shows up in the workplace as well. People can be very creative with what they contribute to the team in terms of developing new approaches to a challenging topic, for example. When the Type Four is welcomed onto the team and the team shows them they value who they are and what they contribute, this can help the Type Four to relax into the truth of who they are and allow these gifts of appreciation for beauty, creativity, and intuition, to manifest and benefit not only themselves but the team.

They can, in fact, be wonderful and creative leaders. They have a real appreciation for sensing the needs and feelings of others, which is something we don’t see enough of in organizations. When this is coming from a balanced place of truly wanting to have members of the team feel heard and valued, these are wonderful attributes of a leader and can make the Type Four a healthy heart-centered, creative and sensitive leader.

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