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Type Nine as Leaders

Enneagram Type 9

Type Nines, as leaders, keep the peace and shy away from confrontation. They rarely express anger. They are the Peacemakers. They struggle with balancing their need for peace and harmony and addressing what needs to be addressed, which can result in them ignoring reality. They will ignore the sinking ship. Their need to hold on to the connection with others and sense of harmony can result in them being withdrawn and disengaged. When they are unaware of these tendencies within themselves, their teams become frustrated with their inability to engage them in dealing with a situation or challenge.

People generally experience them as easy going and kind and enjoy being around them.

At their best, Type Nines are grounded, serene and whole; truly embodying Being. Freedom from their personality patterns comes when Type Nines are grounded in reality, accepting all of their emotions and becoming truly present and self-accepting. At their best, they can lead with a peaceful and grounded style.

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