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Type Seven as Leader

Enneagram Type 7

Type Sevens, as leaders are visionaries, endlessly generating new ideas. Operationalizing their ideas can be challenging as they do not like to be mired in detail and loathe boredom.

They often fear that they are missing out on experiences and exhibit a sense of insatiability with experiences and new ideas. They see endless possibilities in life and often pursue numerous activities and experiences with abandon and find it difficult to slow down.

They do not like to feel trapped or confined, therefore, an environment that allows them to be free to generate ideas is optimal to bring their vision forward.

Freedom from their personality patterns comes from appreciating their experiences, staying present, and sticking with what is needed to bring their ideas to fruition and no longer looking for excitement and fulfillment in endlessly pursuing new opportunities. They become satisfied with their life and work and feel a sense of contentment.

At their best, Type Sevens deeply appreciate the gift of life. They embody joy and freedom and can be enthusiastic leaders recruiting others to follow their vision.

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