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Type Six as Leader

Enneagram Type 6

Type Sixes are in the head center of the Enneagram where the emphasis is on understanding or knowing. At their best, they bring a sense of knowing to their work, however, they often struggle with trusting their inner wisdom resulting in difficulty deciding which direction to take. To counteract this pattern, they work through every possible worst-case scenario for which they develop a plan. Thus, they are excellent troubleshooters and the team relies on them for answers.

They are natural leaders although they rarely see themselves as such. They tend to shy away from being the center of attention, however, they are very reliable and trustworthy and often the glue that holds the team together, making them natural leaders within the team and gifted consensus builders.

When they aren’t able to trust in the support around them they may become suspicious, skeptical, pessimistic and indecisive.

At their best, Type Sixes lead from a place of trusting others to support them which allows them to shine in their ability to pay attention to the details that need to be addressed in order for the team to be successful.

Freedom from their personality patterns comes from letting go of the need to look to others for answers and trusting their own inner authority. This brings the true sense of knowing which, at their best, Type 6s are able to trust and thus provide guidance to the team, enhancing the team’s performance and success.

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