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Understanding your Personality

What is a personality? We all have one but do we understand what it is?

Do you ever wonder why you repeat the same patterns again and again?   Why you react to certain situations in the same way?  Would you like to stop judging yourself and have more harmonious and respectful relationships?

What If you had a map of your psyche that helped you to understand your reactions, repetitive behaviors, and preferences. The Enneagram, an ancient wisdom which has become more popular in recent years, is a very rich system and a powerful tool for transformation. The term, Enneagram, is derived from the Greek words ennea, which means nine, and gram, which means something written or diagram. The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types that are arranged around a symbol, which shows the interactions among the types.  The modern Enneagram is a synthesis of the ancient wisdom and modern psychology.

We all have all nine types within us and one is our predominant type.  All types have their own set of unique gifts and challenges. There are nine levels of growth within each type divided into three areas: unhealthy, average and healthy. As we become more aware of our type and our reactivity, we begin to move up the levels of growth and ultimately live according to the truth of who we are and not just according to our ego/personality.

As we understand our personality type better, we can understand our reactions, preferences, how we show up in relationship etc. We can free ourselves from habitual patterns and reactions. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to guide us on the path to liberation.

The Enneagram is different than commonly used personality typing tools.  When used correctly, it can guide us deeper and deeper into an understanding of our true nature. By bringing greater awareness and presence to our personality structures, we can wake up to our true self. With compassion for ourselves and others, we can use the Enneagram to live a more authentic and peaceful life; at home and at work.

One of the important aspects of the Enneagram is the compassion that is inherent in the teaching. Understanding ourselves and others with compassion can bring tremendous peace and harmony to our lives. It is through that lens that I would like to invite you to explore the nine Enneagram types. Read more in my free Enneagram guide:


5 thoughts on “Understanding your Personality”

  1. Hi Catherine, Thanks for sharing information about the Enneagram. It is such a powerful tool. Sounds like you do some important work with individuals and organizations. Congrats!

  2. I find the Enneagram so fascinating and really enjoyed reading your blog. I love the idea of having tools to understand ourselves more and cultivate more self-compassion and self-awareness in our lives. Thank you so much!

  3. I find anything to do with the number 9 intriguing! I’ve studied other personality-typing processes but the Enneagram is the clearest to understand. Thank you so much for sharing!

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