Catherine Hayes

I partner with my clients on their journey of self-discovery using the power of the Enneagram. I’m a dual-Certified Professional Leadership and Life Coach, Enneagram facilitator and speaker. I work in partnership with individuals and leaders to explore their personality types that drive patterns of behavior so they can overcome blocks, develop skills, and be empowered to live and lead with more confidence and ease.

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Transform your life through the Power of the Enneagram

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Discover your Enneagram Type and Learn 6 Life changing Reasons Why it Matters

Would you like to free yourself of your habitual patterns? Would you like more peaceful relationships? What if you had a map that guided you to a deeper and compassionate understanding of your unconscious patterns? The Enneagram is a powerful tool for bringing more consciousness into your life and your relationships. Claim your free Enneagram guide. You’ll learn about each of the nine types and begin your personal journey with this powerful tool.

Leadership and the Enneagram, 9 Leadership Styles

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Self awareness is essential to effective and impactful leadership.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and those who we interact with. Learn about your Leadership style in my complimentary Enneagram guide for leaders.

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"Catherine's passion for helping others is deep and obvious, but it is made powerful by her real life wisdom and profound capacities as a teacher. Her unique and extensive background, training, and experience with leadership, coaching, and the Enneagram, make her ideally suited to work with individuals and organizations to guide them toward greater wholeness and authenticity. Catherine is a rare combination of a deep and sensitive heart, a sharp and knowledgeable mind, and a lifetime of practical skills and capacities honed in “real world” situations. Having done genuine transformational work herself, she truly knows how to support others in realizing their fullest potential."

• Russ Hudson, President of The Enneagram Institute •

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